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this month a tsunami of outside forces conspired against me and i decided not to try.

i have two vials left in storage from Van. and i’m not opposed to buying more, going through the choosing process again could be fun… but then sometimes i really want to make the most of the two that are left. the story’s brewing, you know how it is.

so in brief, my midwife’s partner is ill and so i would have to use the midwife i didn’t like from last time, or i was thinking about training a friend to do an IUI but my nurse friend said absolutely not unless she’s a healthcare practitioner. i was like “oh yeah, definitely, of course, i knew that” so that’s out. and i considered just doing it myself vaginally, but it seems like such a waste and i realized that was making me sort of cynical or something.

also, my parents are in town, so that’s a bit awkward. though mom did say she thought it would be kinda cool to have “been here”… well, still, that’s not really conducive to conception. at least, parental presence isn’t mentioned as a woo-woo contributor in any of the books i’ve read.

also i’ve been staying up late and having revelations and new friends and so finally after a night of like 4 hours of sleep and waking mid-morning my cervix put the kybosh on everything and said “hi, nice job finding me, but i’m confusing this month, check it out, is this an O or a – … can’t tell can you?” so that sort of ended the speculation. and the speculum.

next month. April 4 or so. and i’ll get the proper ovulation kit this time and the stars will align.

or, i’ll use up Van and then we’ll move on to the bachelor behind door #2.


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