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I’ve been quiet lately because I really don’t want to bore you with the minutiae.

I barely know how to say this but… after becoming a certified expert in all the fancy fertility lingo – Luteal Phase and Letrozole, OPK and HCG – after learning to read the facial expressions of my cervix and predicting weather with its outpourings, and months of blithely tearing the wrapper off the ovulation predictor stick before peeing… I am completely stumped by something every female over 10 knows:

When does my period officially start?

Believe it or not, everything seems to hinge on this question lately. Blood tests and fertility drugs are all timed for Day 5 or Day 26, and there are supposed to be 14 days after ovulation. Which I have… depending on how you count it. All I know for sure is, one thing I do like clockwork is bleed very very lightly for 5 days before the one torrential crampy bad day. So I’m not sure what counts as Day One. This is the thing that’s pushed me over the edge to predictable waking and bedtime. Yes, after eight months of gathering data, I’m finally bowing to the rigor of taking my temperature. Basal body temp, under the tongue, every morning, same time. Trying to let the circuitous dance of my hormones spell out more than the tell-tale tampon. And I gotta say, it’s still a mystery.

this month's numerology

this month's numerology


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