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fruitstand affections

Every week I get a missive from one of the action-packed baby sites informing me that my little person is not only developing an impressive roster of new features, but is now the size of yet another fruit. I suppose a simpatico feeling might evolve from this, as expectant moms everywhere look for something to lavish attention upon while waiting for the official offspring to emerge.

We’ve transitioned from lemon to avocado in the time since I last wrote.

And since I have no nasty symptoms in this second trimester, and am not showing enough to be fiercely impressed with myself… rather mildly annoyed as I grow out of my pants and tug at my underwear elastic (wait, do I have to buy new underpants??)… I called my midwife for a little reassurance.

I expected a return call and a description of why everything is okay – because I had no good reason to suspect otherwise really – but instead she said she’d come right over the very next day for a cheery session with the doppler. This is the otherworldly Darth Vader device that allows us to communicate with the other world. The kid never has much to say, but the heart tends to be pretty communicative.

So we had a nice chat about weaving, circumcision (no thank you) and daughters who don’t move out of the house, she covered my belly with goo, and we immediately zoned in on a very convincing heartbeat that somehow magically does what it does for what I imagine will be an amazingly long time. Yeah, and so apparently the kid is still in there. Shocking. I’m hoping that this time we’ve convinced that superstitious gnome in my brain that believes this avocado-sized being actually could mysteriously vanish (sneaking away quietly in the middle of the night?) just as mysteriously as it arrived.

Meanwhile, in between mild fretting and gazing lovingly at the Fruit of the Week, I’ve been busy assembling furniture and decisions. A crib stands formidably in my bedroom, a car seat/stroller thing is collapsed next to the oven, and I signed a deposit check to the daycare lady this afternoon. 5 months to go…


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