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This is the waiting part. There hasn’t been a lot to report, I’m just enjoying the relief at attaining my sense of equilibrium again. I have enough free time right now that I wish I could squirrel it away for later. I can feel my later self being fiercely jealous of my current self, and that’s a bit unsettling. So, while it lasts, I’m visiting the walkable public library, scheduling dentist appointments, learning to go early to the weekend farmer’s market so I don’t wear myself out in the hot noon sun, and spoiling my cats.

I haven’t received much of the unsolicited Weirdness From Strangers they warn you about once you start showing beyond a shadow of a doubt. Could be my tendency to be the one who initiates and holds eye contact, possibly disarming well-intentioned passers-by, or maybe I’m just not getting out much. One thing I’ve noticed in the few public forums I enter (primarily the grocery store and the two blocks between parking garage and office) is that occasionally a woman will smile at me with a look that goes beyond the otherwise anonymous friendliness. I gather she knows something.

Apparently there’s a lot to know, and it’s just around the bend. I’m doing a rigorous double blind study and can safely say that no matter how much you read, you can’t Know These Things. Whatever they are.

My mom and I were planning her visit at the end of July and she proposed she might bring a small suitcase with just a few outfits, and just launder as needed. I protested, “No, bring the big suitcase, we don’t want to be doing laundry all the time!” “Oh…” she paused, “this visit is going to be so different from what you imagine.” Well yes, of course I think a month with my mom will be fun and relaxing, and then there will also be a baby. Somehow I’m holding those thoughts distinctly. One for each side of my brain.

Well, there’s time to find these things out. Meanwhile, the kid is stretching out in the usual directions, getting tangled in the underside of my ribcage, and generally reacting with enthusiasm for all meals that come her way. Must be time for another Ethiopian feast… we just can’t get enough of that injera!!


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