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the new arrival

Four weeks ago today she showed up, on the floor of my living room, real and whole and perfect. I was blown away that she actually had all the required digits – ten fingers, ten toes. And ears and a nose and lovely skin and so very substantial – an actual person! She’s announcing herself in the next room right now, as I haven’t gotten the hang of typing while nursing or rocking or otherwise calming her. She’ll muster the strength to transition from grunts to full howls momentarily, and then, after another feeding, I’ll have to decide whether I’ll turn in for a few hours as she launches into an evening nap. Our days consist of feeding, napping, diapers, laundry – the usual. What makes it so wonderful, so intimate, is that it’s happening to me. It’s everyone’s story of the days following a healthy birth, and at the same time, it’s meaningless until the story is your own. The baby cries!


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